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What is an EU? What is a ZEB?
Here are some common definitions and terms used by NFI in our disclosure and materials:
  • Single and double deck buses manufactured by New Flyer and Alexander Dennis Limited are classified as "transit buses". ARBOC Specialty Vehicles, LLC manufactures body on-chassis or low floor “cutaway” and "medium-duty" buses that service transit, paratransit, and shuttle applications. Collectively, transit buses, medium-duty buses and cutaways, are referred to as "buses".
  • A “motor coach” or “coach” is a 35-foot to 45-foot over-the-highway bus typically used for intercity transportation and travel over longer distances than heavy-duty transit buses, and is typically characterized by (i) high deck floor, (ii) baggage compartment under the floor, (iii) high-backed seats with a coach-style interior (often including a lavatory), and (iv) no accommodation for standing passengers. “Product lines” include heavy-duty transit buses, motor coaches, pre-owned coaches, cutaway and medium-duty buses.
  • Zero-emission buses ("ZEBs") consist of trolley-electric, hydrogen fuel cell-electric, and battery-electric buses and motor coaches.
  • One equivalent unit (or “EU”) represents one production “slot”, being one 30-foot, 35-foot, 40-foot, 45-foot heavy-duty transit bus, one double deck bus, one medium-duty bus, one cutaway bus or one motor coach, whereas one articulated transit bus represents two EUs. An articulated transit bus is an extra-long transit bus (approximately 60-feet in length), composed of two passenger compartments connected by a joint mechanism. The joint mechanism allows the vehicle to bend when the bus turns a corner, yet have a continuous interior.
  • Many public customer contracts include options to purchase transit buses and motor coaches in the future, and a large portion of the Company’s order book is represented by “options” as opposed to “firm orders.”
When did NFI go public?
NFI became a public company in June 2005.
What is NFI’s fiscal year?
NFI reports on the basis of a 52- or 53-week fiscal year, which ends on the Sunday closest to December 31.
How is NFI’s stock traded?
NFI trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) under the symbol NFI, and on the OTC under the ticker symbol NFYEF. Its Debentures trade on the TSX under the symbol NFI.DB.
Does NFI pay dividends?
Since going public in 2005 through most of 2022, NFI paid a consistent dividend. As of December 23, 2022, NFI suspended dividends. More details can be found on the distribution page.
Who should I contact regarding my stock certificate?
Please contact our transfer agent, Computershare.
Who is NFI’s auditor?
NFI’s auditor is Deloitte LLP.
How do I make a report to NFI’s Ethics and Compliance Hotline?
NFI’s Ethics and Compliance Hotline can be found at Additional details can be found within NFI’s Whistleblower Policy.
How can I request financial materials?
This website contains annual and interim financial documents and filings. All filings can also be found at SEDAR.
How can I access NFI’s earnings webcast?
Quarterly earnings webcast information will be located in the Quarterly & Annual Results section of our website.